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            聯系人:莊 延 山(先生)

            地 址:大石橋市南樓經濟開發區高莊村

            電 話:0417-5289488  13904074678

            郵 箱:dsqbohai@126.com

            郵 編:115100


            Yingkou Bohai Magnesium Materials Co., Ltd.

            Contact: Zhuang Yanshan (Mr.)

            Location: Gaozhuang Village, Nanlou Economic Development Zone, Dashiqiao City

            Phone call: +86 0417-5289488  +86 13904074678

            Mailbox: dsqbohai@126.com 

            Zip code: 115100

            營口波海菱鎂材料有限公司新增輕燒鎂粉生產線正式投產 Yingkou Bohai Ling Magnesium Material Co., Ltd. officially puts into operation a new light-burned magnesium powder production line

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            營口波海菱鎂材料有限公司新增輕燒鎂粉生產線正式投產 Yingkou Bohai Ling Magnesium Material Co., Ltd. officially puts into operation a new light-burned magnesium powder production line

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            Yingkou Bohai Magnesium Magnesium Material Co., Ltd.'s new light-burned magnesium powder production line was officially put into production in mid-March. The company newly built 10 light-burning kiln this time with a design production capacity of 6000-7000 tons / month. The commissioning of the light-burning magnesium powder production line not only enriched the company's product structure, but also met the needs of more customers. Moreover, the new kiln adopts new technology completely, and the coal tar is used as fuel. Compared with the traditional kiln, the new kiln has greatly reduced fuel loss and dust pollution during the production process. In addition to the production of light-burned magnesium production line, in addition to satisfying the self-sufficiency of the company's high-purity magnesia raw materials, the surplus can also guarantee external sales.

                Yingkou Bohai Ling Magnesium Material Co., Ltd., in addition to producing light-burned magnesium powder, also produces light-burned magnesium balls, reburned magnesite, bitter clay powder, fused magnesium, metallurgical sand and other refractory products. The products are mainly used in metallurgy, chemical industry , Feed, environmental protection, medicine, fertilizer, building materials and other industries. At the same time concurrently operating various powder Raymond processing, and can adjust various physical and chemical indicators according to customer needs.

                The company has strong production capacity, strong technical force, perfect testing methods, skilled workers in operation, and its products have passed ISO9000 international quality system certification. At present, the products have been exported to more than 20 countries and regions in Europe, America, North and South America and Southeast Asia, and have been well received by customers.

            The company adheres to the corporate tenet of "doing business with virtue and reputation first", and is willing to cooperate better with domestic and foreign users, to meet the needs of our customers with high-quality products and the best prices, and warmly welcome to our company to negotiate, Cooperation.