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            聯系人:莊 延 山(先生)

            地 址:大石橋市南樓經濟開發區高莊村

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            郵 箱:dsqbohai@126.com

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            Yingkou Bohai Magnesium Materials Co., Ltd.

            Contact: Zhuang Yanshan (Mr.)

            Location: Gaozhuang Village, Nanlou Economic Development Zone, Dashiqiao City

            Phone call: +86 0417-5289488  +86 13904074678

            Mailbox: dsqbohai@126.com 

            Zip code: 115100

            我國輕燒鎂球、輕燒鎂粉等資源遭到破壞性開采 Chinas light-burned magnesium balls, light-burned magnesium powder and other resources have been destructively mined

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            我國輕燒鎂球、輕燒鎂粉等資源遭到破壞性開采 Chinas light-burned magnesium balls, light-burned magnesium powder and other resources have been destructively mined

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            Prevention: Establish a long-term anti-smuggling mechanism

            In recent years, the smuggling of magnesite has led to the destructive exploitation of magnesite resources in our country, a large amount of state taxes have been lost, and the price of magnesite has continued to decline, which has seriously disrupted market order.

            2003Since 2003, Dalian Customs has seized more than 100 cases of magnesite smuggling, involving 980,000 tons of magnesia, with a value of RMB 800 million, which greatly combated the arrogance of smugglers and effectively controlled the import and export order of magnesia.

            However, because smugglers are becoming more and more cunning, the “fake domestic trade” smuggling method similar to the one used in this case is more secretive, deceitful, and more inferior in nature than the conventional methods. Regulatory loopholes have also been exposed.

            In this case, the same ship was equipped with two sets of domestic and international sailing procedures. Domestic trade ships were able to change routes without the supervision of the maritime department.

            According to the Dalian Customs Anti-Smuggling Bureau, some smuggled ships have obtained temporary foreign ship registrations (known as "flags of convenience") at foreign ship registration agencies in China. The temporary foreign ship registration can be used for international transportation within half a year and can also have domestic ship registration. Policy loopholes, making false lease contracts, oil pollution prevention plans, garbage management plans, fire control plans, security plans and other documents and certificates to engage in smuggling and criminal activities.

            In this regard, Zhang Zhinan, director of the Dalian Customs, proposed that the establishment of a long-term effective mechanism for anti-smuggling comprehensive control at the port sector is an urgent task. Local governments should take the lead in organizing customs, commerce, maritime affairs, public security, industry and commerce, border control, inspection and quarantine, and port affairs departments to realize resource sharing and data sharing through network information platforms. Through measures such as information exchange, information verification and joint law enforcement among the various departments of the port, the blind spots of supervision between the port supervisory authorities shall be eliminated, and the marginal zone of supervision shall be minimized, so as not to give smugglers any opportunity.

            The customs also found in actual supervision that some illegal enterprises have simply changed the production process, added a small amount of additives, etc., while illegally changing the tax number so that the goods that should have been classified under magnesia are exported as non-certifiable and non-taxable goods. To achieve the purpose of tax evasion.

            This shows that although the country's policy orientation is very clear, there are still loopholes in the management policy of magnesium resources. Therefore, Zhang Zhinan suggested that the relevant departments should unite to further integrate the trade rules of magnesium resource commodities and incorporate them into the overall plan for resource protection.

            News background: magnesia

            Xinhua News Agency, Qingdao, November 27th (Reporter Xu Bing) According to Qingdao Customs, magnesia is a common name for magnesium products such as lightly burned magnesium powder, reburned magnesia, fused magnesium, high purity magnesia, synthetic magnesia and other magnesite The ore is produced by calcination.

            Rhenium magnesite is mainly used as refractory materials and is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry and other industries. It belongs to the country's important strategic resources.

            China's magnesite reserves rank first in the world, and the proven reserves in Liaoning Province now account for about 93% of the country's total reserves and about 25% of the world's reserves. In order to protect mineral resources, China has implemented paid tender license management for magnesia exports since 1994.